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The Escoffier Schools USA visit the Riviera

From September 18 to 24, the most deserving executives of the Escoffier Schools in the USA, accompanied by their president Kirk Bachmann, crossed the Atlantic to take a tour of the French Riviera and the Principality of Monaco. The tour was organized by Jean-Francis Mots, President of the Escoffier Disciples USA and Fabrice Roy, lecturer and Director of the Excellence Experience Client training center.

Michel Escoffier, great-grandson of Auguste Escoffier and President of the eponymous Foundation, had reserved his week to be present at all stages of this exceptional trip.

Here is a look back at a trip that will be remembered!

© Fabrice Roy

The video - souvenir

Monday 19 September. Monaco - Monte Carlo - Nice

Departure in the morning to Monaco, for a free visit of the Rocher. Some went to the Oceanographic Museum, others to the Palace or the Cathedral.

© Fabrice Roy

At noon, the Intempo restaurant of the Meridien Beach Plaza in Monte-Carlo welcomed the group with a tasting of appetizers concocted by the Spanish chef Sergi Arola, a menu placed under the sign of the Mediterranean, under the supervision of the executive chef Laurent Colin and the emblematic sabayon concocted live by the 1st Maître d'Hotel Antonio Fochi.

Fusion des équipes Méridien - Escoffier  sous le soleil.. © Fabrice Roy
Merger of the Méridien - Escoffier teams under the sun. © Fabrice Roy
Antonio Fochi à l'œuvre pour son fameux sabayon... © Fabrice Roy
Antonio Fochi at work for his famous sabayon... © Fabrice Roy
DE gauche à droite, Sergi Arola, Laurent Colin, Jean-Francis Mots, Fabrice Roy, Antonio Fochi, Michel Escoffier. © EEclient
From left to right Sergi Arola, Laurent Colin, Jean-Francis Mots, Fabrice Roy, Antonio Fochi, Michel Escoffier. © EEclient

In the evening, the restaurant "le Millésime" of Aurélien Nourry welcomed the group, with the excellent surprise of the presence of the photographer Sophie Zorgno.

Le groupe Escoffier autour du Chef Aurélien Nourry. © Fabrice Roy
The Escoffier group around Chef Aurélien Nourry. © Sophie Zorgno
Œuf parfait et truffes pour une entrée en matière savoureuse... © Fabrice Roy
Perfect egg and truffles for a tasty start... © Fabrice Roy

Sophie Zorgno requires the attention of the group... a festival of flavors...

Tuesday, September 20th. Lorgues - Vidauban - Nice

The vineyards of Château Roubine welcome the group for a private visit at the end of the harvest. Then it's time for a tasting of the different wines of the domain with a warm welcome from the owner Valérie Rousselle.

Valérie Rousselle et le groupe après une belle visite. A sa gauche Michel Escoffier, à sa droite, Jean-Francis Mots. © Fabrice Roy
Valérie Rousselle and the group after a nice visit. On his left Michel Escoffier, on his right Jean-Francis Mots. © Fabrice Roy
© Fabrice Roy
© Fabrice Roy

Lunch break in Vidauban, at the Domaine Régis Frères, hosted by Jean-François Régis, in a Food Art atmosphere!

© Fabrice Roy

The Régis Frères estate is a former silkworm farm surrounded by 6 hectares of vines and olive trees. It produces an organic rosé "Le geolier" which has already conquered many tables of the Riviera.

Jean-François Régis. © Fabrice Roy
Les desserts du Domaine Régis Frères (pour une personne !) © Fabrice Roy
The desserts of the Domaine Régis Frères (for one person!) © Fabrice Roy

After a few hours of rest at the hotel, it is in the old Nice that the group had dinner, with the excellent welcome of Michael Muller and Marlene's team at the restaurant "Le Tire-Bouchon"...

Michel Escoffier et Michael Muller. © Fabrice Roy
Michel Escoffier et Michael Muller. © Fabrice Roy
The very Nice atmosphere of the Tire-Bouchon! © Fabrice Roy

Wednesday, September 21st. Saint-Paul de Vence - Nice

After a morning visit to the beautiful village of Saint-Paul de Vence, the Escoffier group was welcomed by the Mas de Pierre team for a lunch on the terrace, overlooking one of the three pools of the establishment.

It was an opportunity to meet the Executive Chef Emmanuel Lehrer and to visit this 5 star resort, its vegetable garden, its orchid greenhouse, its lagoon and its spa.

Le Chef Emmanuel Lehrer, le très professionnel staff d'organisation et d'accueil, entourés de Jean-Francis Mots et de Michel Escoffier. © Fabrice Roy
From left to right, Jean-Francis Mots, Nina Solher, le Chef Emmanuel Lehrer, Julie Capelli, Michel Escoffier. © Fabrice Roy

After guiding the group in front of the recently renovated family tomb of Auguste Escoffier at the Villeneuve-Loubet cemetery, Michel Escoffier himself commented on the visit of the Chef's birthplace, which has become the Escoffier Museum of Culinary Art, in the presence of its curator Richard Duvauchelle.

© Fabrice Roy
Michel Escoffier dans la maison natale de son arrière-grand-père, le musée Escoffier de l'Art Culinaire. © Fabrice Roy
Michel Escoffier in the house where his great-grandfather was born. . © Fabrice Roy

The Hyatt Mediterranean Palace welcomed the group for a cocktail reception on its large terrace, in the presence of Nicolle Martin, President of Skal International Côte d'Azur.

Jean-Francis Mots, Nicolle Martin, Kirk Bachmann.© Fabrice Roy
Jean-Francis Mots, Nicolle Martin, Kirk Bachmann.© Fabrice Roy

A high quality service and a service as elegant as professional for the teams of the Palais de la Méditerranée.

Thursday, September 22, 2022. Grasse - Mougins - Nice

The day began with a visit to the Galimard perfumery in Grasse, remarkably handled by Véronique, perfectly bilingual. The group was then greeted by Mrs. Chantal Roux and her son Stéphane, General Manager of the company.

© Fabrice Roy

After a walk in the narrow streets of the old village of Mougins, Denis Fétisson welcomed the group in his restaurant "La Place de Mougins" for a lunch with Mediterranean flavors, as it should be...

Jean-Francis Mots, Kirk Bachmann, Denis Fétisson, Michel Escoffier. © Fabrice Roy
Jean-Francis Mots, Kirk Bachmann, Denis Fétisson, Michel Escoffier. © Fabrice Roy
Comment sublimer la fleur de courgette à la pérugine... © Fabrice Roy
How to sublimate the zucchini flower with perugine...© Fabrice Roy

The day ended on the rooftop of the Meridien de Nice, at the restaurant La Terrasse, with a dinner specially prepared by the teams of Chef Eric Brujan.

Les Escoffier USA entourent Michel Escoffier au Méridien de Nice... A droite, sur la photo, le chef exécutif Éric Brujan et le responsable de la restauration Cyril Cutier. © Fabrice Roy
The Escoffier USA surround Michel Escoffier at Le Meridien in Nice... On the right, in the photo, Executive Chef Eric Brujan and Restaurant Manager Cyril Cutier
Une belle table et la plus belle vue de Nice... © Fabrice Roy
A beautiful table and the most beautiful view of Nice...© Fabrice Roy

Friday, September 23rd. Paul Augier Hospitality School - Negresco

Morning "Pedagogy" with the visit of the renovated facilities of the Paul Augier Hospotality School under the guidance of its Director Christophe Moreau.

Des formations de pro, dans un environnement ultra-moderne. © Fabrice Roy

The 11th grade students, under the guidance of their teachers, then prepared and served an excellent lunch to the group at the restaurant "La Prom", in the presence of the school's principal Denis Férault.

Denis Férault, entouré de Michel Escoffier et Jean-Francis Mots. A droite, sur la photo, Christophe Moreau. © Fabrice Roy
Denis Férault, surrounded by Michel Escoffier and Jean-Francis Mots. On the right, on the picture, Christophe Moreau. © Fabrice Roy
After an afternoon of rest and shopping, the Negresco had opened the Versailles lounge to welcome the group, where an exceptional dinner designed by the Chef and M.O.F. Virginie Basselot was served.
Virginie Basselot - debout à droite avec Jean-Francis Mots, avait tenu à venir saluer le groupe Escoffier, qui lui a adressé toutes ses félicitations. © Fabrice Roy
Virginie Basselot - standing on the right with Jean-Francis Mots, had made a point of coming to greet the Escoffier group, which sent her its congratulations © Fabrice Roy
Des mets d'une grande délicatesse aux accords audacieux (caviar de France sur tartare de loup et huitre)
Dishes of great delicacy with daring combinations (caviar from France on sea bass and oyster tartar). Fabrice Roy

Saturday, September 24th. Nice

Free day, dedicated in the morning to a walk in the Old Nice, and a lunch at the hotel La Pérouse, at the foot of the Castle hill.

© Fabrice Roy

And to conclude this week of experiences, encounters and sensations, Jean Haidar welcomed the group for dinner in his Lebanese restaurant, "Le Cèdre" with a selection of his popular specialties.

Jean Haidar in the middle, with Kirk Bachmann et Michel Escoffier.

A very nice experience of the Lebanese gastronomy....

After this varied program, which combined heritage, transmission and gastronomy, the group of Escoffier schools returned to the USA with a beautiful harvest of memories.

© Fabrice Roy 2022. Excellence Expérience Client .


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