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The Keys to Soft Skills

Customer Experience Excellence ®

In 2019, Fabrice Roy founded with Rosa Hamoudi the Excellence Client Experience ® training cycle, which became the training and coaching division of SASU EFFISTRA. 

First client: the Hôtel Méridien de Nice - Marriott. Two groups of six trainees each are trained over two days to acquire the skills and attention to detail that lead to excellence.

Excellence Customer Experience ® is not a "business" training. It is based on understanding the customer's experience through the collective analysis of concrete cases. It emphasizes the aesthetic and behavioral dimensions of the service to create a highly qualitative customer experience.

Excellence Client Experience ® works in collaboration with partners who share its vision and values. 

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Let's get acquainted


Our values

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We take everyone's background into account. We motivate employees by emphasizing their talents and addressing essential areas of progress. 

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We promote personal reflection and the emergence of solutions found by the participants themselves. 

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We have constant attention to detail.

This is exercised at all levels, aesthetic and emotional. 

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We ensure a follow-up of the participants beyond the training session, in the implementation of the personal commitments validated during the training course. 

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