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Cucina Victoria: the flavors of Chef Graziani

If I were asked to describe David Graziani's cuisine, the two words that would immediately come to mind are "Generosity and Taste". This self-taught chef knew how to forge through experience an identity in which the attention given to the product yields only to limitless creativity! After making a name for himself by opening his own restaurant, La Merenda de la Place in old Gattières, David Graziani went through the "consultant" box before returning to the furnaces again at the head of the restaurants of the 'Hotel Indigo in Cagnes sur Mer. We went to visit the Chef and his brigade who officiate in a good mood to offer tasty dishes from a menu just out of the printing press at Cucina Victoria!

A droite le Chef David Graziani, à gauche, Emmanuel Menjuzan Directeur Général de l'Hôtel Indigo de Cagnes sur Mer. Au centre, la brigade qui était de service samedi dernier, Alexandre, Paolo, Patrick (le pâtissier) et Janis qui nous tend les bras. © Fabrice Roy

A short menu based on seasonal products is offered to the taste buds of amateurs for a very studied average ticket, with 4 starters, 3 "land" dishes and 3 "sea" dishes. And the least we can say is that the dishes are beautifully presented, without excess, with a constant search for balance between the flavors.

Au centre, Bruno Scavo. © Fabrice Roy
The velouté of potatoes and fresh melanosporum truffles. Pan-fried new artichoke with parsley on a bed of confit garlic. Starters treated as an amuse-bouche. © Fabrice Roy
Le pot-au-feu en pouponnette de blette dans son bouillon. © Fabrice Roy
The pot-au-feu in a pouponnette of chard in its broth. © Fabrice Roy
Selle d'agneau rosé à la sarriette, duo de choux et de pommes de terre. © Fabrice Roy
Saddle of pink lamb with savory, duo of cabbage and potatoes. © Fabrice Roy

Grand adepte de la cuisson sous vide à juste température, David Graziani utilise cette technique pour sublimer les goûts et la texture, dans le respect des qualités nutritionnelles de chaque aliment.

Cabillaud dans sa feuille de nori roulé dans l'aneth, carottes au pluriel. © Fabrice Roy
Cod in its nori sheet rolled in dill, carrots in the plural. © Fabrice Roy

As for the desserts, it's a real festival concocted by Patrick the pastry chef with the Royal with chocolate and crunchy pear, and the citrus meringue pie.

As for the wines, a simple and studied menu, and a first price in red IGP pays d'Oc, Domaine Gayda 2021 at 32 euros. As for the white, you will have to go for a Chardonnay "Battista" domain Pandolfa 2020 from our Italian friends at 29 euros. The rosé, for its part, may start a little high end with a Château Astros "Amour" Côtes de Provence 2021 at 39 euros a bottle.

In summary, a very nice experience in a bright room with an open kitchen in the back where you can see the team at work...

Le rooftop et sa vue sur le vieux Cagnes-sur-mer. © Fabrice Roy
The roof terrace and its view of old Cagnes-sur-mer. © Fabrice Roy

Located in the center of Cagnes-sur-Mer, the Hotel Indigo is an example of comfort for its category, with excellent value for money. The rooms are functional, spacious and very well equipped.

Its two conference rooms can accommodate in theater version around thirty participants with all the necessary equipment and, which is not negligible, daylight...

La salle "Renoir" . © Fabrice Roy
La salle "Renoir" . © Fabrice Roy

Our visit would be incomplete if we did not honor an efficient and smiling service staff...

Emmanuel Menjuzan entouré d'Erwin à la réception, Margarita au bar et Eric au service en salle. © Fabrice Roy
Emmanuel Menjuzan surrounded by Erwin at the reception, Margarita at the bar and Eric at the restaurant service. © Fabrice Roy

44 avenue Auguste Renoir

06800 Cagnes sur Mer


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