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The skills assessment

Discovering your skills and talents  

in partnership with Meraki training and coaching

Reorient your career? 
Create your business?
Find well-being at work? 
The skills assessment offered by Meraki in partnership with Excellence Experience Client ® is made for you! 
Discover in this short video what makes it a unique experience and take flight!!!


Any change in our life, whether decided or undergone, is potentially generating anxiety by the sole fact that it projects us into a future unknown by definition. 



We are not equal before this source of discomfort. Our management of its consequences depends on our mind, our life course, the quality of support from those around us.

I no longer thrive in my job...


Deteriorating working conditions, a weakened hierarchical position, tensions between employees, a situation that escapes me:  doubt sets in, motivation fades, desire disappears.

Whether I am an employee or an entrepreneur, my self-confidence is cracking, which changes my attitude, and consequently that of those around me. 

I change jobs...

Dismissal, contractual termination, resignation... whatever the reason, I left the working world. 
It's about finding a position that matches my skills and, even more, my desires and my talents.

But am I really aware of my strengths?

Will I be able to transform my temporary availability into a great opportunity to align my future activity with my deepest aspirations?


I'm starting my business...


It's decided, I'm creating my own structure!
Faced with the wall of uncertainty and the magnitude of the task, questions abound:

Will I get there? 
How to anticipate areas of progress? Do I have the necessary skills?
How do I overcome my fears?


It's time to take flight...

... and give me the means!


"in another way"

In partnership with

  •  7 hours of tailor-made individual support

  • 14 hours (2 days) of collective training in an exceptional environment at the Domaine Régis Frères in Vidauban...

Initial phase: individual support upstream

  • We collect my expectations and we create the essential bond of trust

  • We recall the context and identify the initial breaking point

    • My situation and my professional background

    • The description and evaluation of my current job or the one I just left

  • We qualify the nature of my request: desire, need or need for change 

  • We clarify my motivations 

  • We specify my initial professional objective 


4 hours

horloge murale

Phase 2: The immersion course at Domaine Régis Frères

In an ideal setting to sit down and reflect, on the first day, I will take stock of  

  • My internal resources:

    • My personal values

    • my talents

    • My professional skills

    • My know-how  

  • My external resources

    • My personal and professional environment

    • My social or educational pressure

    • My options for support or mentoring

travail à distance

Day 1 -7 hours

horloge murale

The second day is devoted to putting my talents into perspective.  

  • I  define the possible options and I deepen them

  • I validate my real professional objective and its compatibility with the internal and external resources that I identified during day 1.  

  • I analyze and identify gaps  

  • I establish my action plan

    • Goal  

    • Steps

    • Timing


Day 2 -7 hours

horloge murale

Phase 3: individual support downstream

Back from the internship, these are three hours of support that will allow me to get into the operational of my action plan:

  • I will mobilize my external resources

    • My professional network

    • My personal circle

    • Training and support

  • With my coach, I summarize the results and follow my action plan. 
    Released in nature? Of course not. The tracking is real. Three months later, we meet again to take stock.

deux hommes d'affaires

3 hours

horloge murale


Regis Freres 09190037.jpg

1h15 from Nice.
A domain nestled in the middle of 6 hectares of vines at 1h15 from Nice. A real art gallery, artists in residence, an environment conducive to all forms of expression - Music, painting, sculpture, theater, relaxation...

Double and single rooms with the stamp of authenticity of a tricentenary silkworm farm. 
A family kitchen of fresh and seasonal products

Regis Freres 09190032.jpg

Four good reasons to choose the internship formula!


Through a group of eight trainees maximum to enrich their thinking with multiple  experiences and capitalize on collective intelligence


A unique environment to let go and refocus in a form of balance between personal needs and professional project


A concentration of work on oneself with a dedicated coaching pair, for the best time/efficiency ratio.


All forms of artistic and sensory expression are at your fingertips. Music, visual arts, literature, theatre, gastronomy


Laurence Rubio Nawroski

Leader of Meraki

Coach and trainer

Fabrice Roy


Customer Experience Excellence

Jean-Francois Regis

Owner at the Domain

Regis Brothers


  • The upstream preparation phase

    • Starting from the specificity of my situation, the coaches create a truly personalized course for me.

  • Active listening  

    • For Meraki coaches, it's a reality, not a commercial formula...  

  • Kindness

    • No one is in judgment

    • We take into account the context which is mine

  • Analysis

    • We use and interpret high-performance tools that help me get to know myself better...  

  • A stronger motivation

    • Certainly, we look a little in the retro. But we mainly focus on my talents and the best way to showcase them.

  • Discovering my true purpose  

    • We often realize that our initial objective was not the right one. It is all the power of Meraki's skills assessment to help me discover what I really want.

Portrait de femme souriante
entretien d'embauche
étudiant heureux
  • I have my personal action plan
    • It's mine and it's custom made
  • I am followed

    • We systematically make a progress report and my coach knows me, which I really want.

    • The combination of individual support and the internship is a unique opportunity for meetings, exchanges and feedback.

    • The course is systematically led by a pair of high-level professional coaches.

    • Individual empowerment is associated with the strength of the collective.

  • Financing solutions for certified training
    • Meraki Training is Qualiopi certified

    • This offer is eligible for My Training Account

    • Employees can finance it with the help of the CPF (Personal Training Account)

    • For managers or independent entrepreneurs, financing is possible through OPCOs

Sans titre (12).png


  • The Meraki skills assessment includes
    • The entire program - 21 hours of individual support and internship

    • Media  

    • Full board at the Régis Frères estate in Vidauban for 2 days including 4 breaks, 2 lunches, one dinner, single room and 1 breakfast

1910 €

Don't wait any longer to showcase your incredible talents!


Want to know more about our team? 

Laurence Rubio Nawroski

Holder of a State diploma in nursing, a certification in neuro-pedagogy obtained from Harvard University, Laurence Rubio Nawroski specialized in emotional intelligence and stress management at UAM Madrid. 
Certified coach in Neuro Linguistic programming in Palo Alto, she created Meraki in order to develop tailor-made pedagogy for professionals in the development and quality of life at work. 


Jean-Francois Regis

This landscape architect has created incredible spaces all over the world where harmony, functionality and aesthetic coexistence between nature and humans prevail.
He welcomes his visitors to the family estate, a former 18th century silkworm farm transformed into a veritable art gallery. 

Sans titre (13).png

Holder of a Master's degree in Finance from Neoma Business School, Fabrice Roy has led a career as an international Executive Director and has directed the training centers of Alain Ducasse. He then puts his experience at the service of journalism and training.  Author, actor and director, he specializes in team coaching and client relationship issues. 
He is also a professor of communication at the University of Nice Côte d'Azur. 

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